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Dr Mariya Dikshteyn B.V.Sci (Hons)

Phone: 0414 593989


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Dr Mariya's Mobile Veterinary Service is a highly personalised veterinary home visiting service operating in the Bayside and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  With Dr Mariya's comprehensive range of products and services and the utmost dedication to providing top quality vet care in the comfort of your own home, the stresses associated with taking your pet to the vet are virtually eliminated. 
Whether you are a busy parent, a multiple pet owner or just simply someone who prefers their animal's veterinary care to be convenient and stress-free, we can offer a personalised solution to best look after your four legged family member's needs.  
Just Imagine...
  • No more struggling to get your cat into the carry cage in order to take it to the vet (and then not being able to get it out again once you're there!).
  • No more long waiting times in vet clinics during which your pets (not to mention you) get agitated, anxious and stressed.
  • No more dealing with unfamiliar animals, sights, sounds and smells associated with veterinary clinics and a reduction in exposure to potential infections for your pet.
  • No more struggling to keep your pets calm and safely confined. 
And also Imagine:  
  • Having the vet come to your home at a convenient time. 
  • Seeing the same vet every time who will provide the personalised and individualised veterinary care that your pet deserves. 
  • Your pet being examined and treated in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. 
  • Your vet really listening to you and taking the time to address your questions and concerns. 
At Dr Mariya's Mobile Veterinary Service you will have just that - an outstanding veterinary service in the comfort of your own home.