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Dr Mariya Dikshteyn B.V.Sci (Hons)

Phone: 0414 593989

E-mail: info@mobilevetservice.com.au

Please scroll down to see the complete list of services... some very exciting new services have been added recently!
Puppy vaccinations:
Puppies are vaccinated using a modern vaccine regime which means that they are fully immunised at 11 weeks of age.  When using the traditional vaccine regime full immunity is not acquired until 18 weeks of age, meaning that puppies had a larger risk of exposure to potentially fatally diseases. 
Using the modern regime also means that your pup can start going for walks at 11 weeks of age and can begin socialising with other dogs at that age which is important for their development.
Kitten vaccination:
Kittens require three vaccinations - one at 6-8 weeks of age, a second one at 10-12 weeks and a final vaccination at 14-16 weeks, after which they acquire full immunity to the components of the vaccine.  The standard vaccination protocol for cats involves vaccinating against feline panleukopaenia, feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus (F3 vaccine).  However, for cats that will be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors we recommend that owners also consider vaccinating for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).
Please note that puppies and kittens receiving vaccinations also receive a full clinical examination at no extra charge and all your questions regarding the best care for your pet will be addressed.
Dog vaccinations and annual health check:
An annual health check is a vital part of your dog's health care plan as it provides the ideal opportunity to thoroughly check your dog and also to discuss any questions you may have regarding your pet.  Vaccinations are often performed at the same time.  When using the modern vaccination regime, diseases such as canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis and canine distemper only require a booster every three years.  Bordetella and Parainfluenza, which are the leading causes of Canine Cough (previously known as Kennel Cough), do not generate such long lasting immunity and need to be boosted yearly. 
Cat vaccinations and annual health checks:
Cat vaccinations need to be performed on an annual basis.  Every vaccination includes a thorough annual health check which is as important, if not more important, than the vaccination itself.  The check up identifies any emerging health problems and also provides an opportunity to discuss the various aspects of your cat's care that interest you.
Dog heartworm prevention:
Both annual and monthly products are available for heartworm prevention and we can offer advice on which method better suits your dog and your lifestyle.
Veterinary products:
A large selection of veterinary products is available for purchase including (but not limited to):
  • High quality intestinal wormers.
  • Flea/tick products.
  • Ear cleaners.
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Various nutriceuticals including joint supplements, probiotics, etc.
  • Pet food including prescription diets.
  • Pet merchandise - toys, leads, pet tags, collars, etc.  
All these can be conveniently delivered right to your door for maximum convenience.
Sometimes pathology procedures are required in order to better characterise a pet's health problem.
These procedures may involve blood and urine tests, fine needle aspirates, examination of ear swabs, skin scrapes and others.
In most cases the samples for these tests can be obtained during the home visit however in some cases this may not be feasible for various reasons (e.g. an uncooperative or painful pet).  
We will advice you of the best strategy for your pet's needs and will ensure that all samples are processed promptly to keep that anxious wait for results to a minimum.
Other diagnostic procedures:
There are circumstances when other diagnostic tests such as X-rays, endoscopic and/or ultrasound examinations may be necessary.  Referrals to Melbourne's leading veterinary specialists can be arranged if the procedures required cannot be performed by us or by your chosen veterinary clinic.
Hospitalisation and Surgery:
Unfortunately veterinary home care has its limitations and some ill animals will require hospitalisation for stabilisation and/or treatment.  We will arrange hospital care at our associated clinics  or alternatively, will work closely with your regular veterinarian if your preference is to have your pet hospitalised there.  The same options apply to surgical procedures and we urge you to choose the selection that you feel most comfortable with. 
Once again, referral to critical care and emergency centres as well as specialist veterinarians can be promptly arranged.
A pick up and drop of service to transport your pet to and from the clinic of your choice can be arranged for a nominal fee.
Compassionate euthanasia:
The decision to euthanase your pet is likely to be the most difficult decision you will ever have to make as a pet owner.  We can examine your pet in its own environment to get an accurate understanding of its medical problems and quality of life to guide you through this critical time.   Dr Annie Round - our very special veterinarian solely dedicated to "end of life" consultations will then implement a personalised approach to ensure that your pet's needs are gently addressed with respect to your wishes.  Click here to find out more about Dr Annie.


NEW - In-home ultrasounds!


Your pets can now have an ultrasound performed by an experienced veterinarian in the comfort of their own home and often for only a fraction of the price of a series of in-clinic X-rays.  And what is even better - in most cases fur clipping and sedation are not required.  This way we get the maximum diagnostic benefit with minimum risk and discomfort! 


NEW - Compounded medication.


Do you find it a nightmare to get medication into your dog or cat?  You are not alone!  Luckily we now have access to compounding pharmacies who will transform bitter unpleasant medication into a palatable treat for your pets - be it a fishy paste, melt in the mouth films, liquids or drops - even the fussiest of pets will be catered for via an individual approach.  The cost is very reasonable and the medication is usually delivered the very next day.  


NEW - Healthy Ageing Program for Dogs and Cats!

We all know that the health care needs of older pets are different than that of younger pets but did you know that often this means less medications rather than more?  Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this program.