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Dr Mariya Dikshteyn B.V.Sci (Hons)

Phone: 0414 593989

E-mail: info@mobilevetservice.com.au

Based in the suburb of East Bentleigh, Dr Mariya's Mobile Veterinary Service is a unique service that specialises in providing a high standard of veterinary care in the comfort of your own home.  We pride ourselves on providing premium service to our clients and convenient quality care to our patients at reasonable prices.
The service operates predominantly in the Bayside and the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne - please click here for a comprehensive list of suburbs we currently service.
Dr. Mariya Dikshteyn (Principal Vet). 
Having graduated with Honours from Veterinary Science at the University Of Melbourne in 2005, I have worked in a number of small animal practices in the Bayside area.  Although I have always immensely enjoyed my job as a veterinarian I also felt that there was something missing in the way that veterinary service was provided. 
The animals were more often than not stressed and anxious due to the unfamiliar clinical environment, the owners were also tense after struggling to get their pets in and out of the car and the next appointment would be waiting in the waiting room, making it difficult to fully focus on the consultation at hand.   Surely there had to be a better way!
Eventually the solution became obvious - house calls! But when working in a busy vet clinic, home visits are, sadly, the last priority as the in-clinic patients need to be attended to first.  This prompted me to establish a veterinary service where the clients requiring a home visit were in fact my first priority and so Dr Mariya's Mobile Veterinary Service came into existence. 

Home visits allow me to really get to know my patients and see them as members of a loving family which is very rewarding.  They allow me to observe the pet in their familiar environment and to give my undivided attention to the patients and their owners without the distractions that are common in the clinic scenario. The animals are usually relaxed at home and in most cases are not even aware that they had just been visited by a vet.  As far as they are concerned they had a visitor who gave them lots of attention and a treat at the end!  As a result of all this, home visits give me the chance to provide a really personal service to my clients and, after all - a personal, individual approach is really what every pet needs and deserves.
Whenever I am not out on the road doing house calls you may find me studying for my membership exams as, after completing a Post Graduate Course in Small Animal Internal Medicine last year, my next goal is to become a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of Internal Medicine.
I am also very passionate about responsible pet care and have been involved in a number of campaigns by the City Of Port Phillip to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership in the community. 
Other community involvements stem from my enthusiasm for helping people provide the best possible care to their beloved pets and have involved conducting veterinary information sessions for members of a local dog obedience school and pet care information sessions in a number of childcare centres around the Bayside area.
Dr. Annie Round.                
In August 2011 we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Annie Round to the practice.  Dr Annie has a kind and gentle nature with a heartfelt empathy for the pets and their owners.  Armed with these attributes, she dedicates her time to "end of life" consultations and her approach, as well as her excellent veterinary skills, ensure the most dignified and stress-free transition for pets.  During this difficult time, Dr Annie also provides invaluable support and guidance to the special people in the pet's life.
For those home visits where an extra pair of hands is required, Dr Mariya is very fortunate to have access to highly skilled nurses whose genuine love for the animals is matched only by their empathy towards the owners.
Dusya hard at work!
Practice managers:
Dusya (Aussie Bulldog) and Hugo (recently adopted British Shorthair).
These integral members of Dr Mariya's team oversee the smooth running of the day to day operation of the service.  Their special interests include ensuring that all meal times are strictly adhered to and that there are plenty of opportunities for naps in between. 
It's such hard work managing the practice, but someone has to do it!